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As the Residential Cleaning Industry Becomes More Crowded, Maid Right Finds Ways to Stand Out
The leading and rapidly growing franchise concept is launching a targeted expansion campaign in key development markets.

The residential cleaning industry is more crowded than ever before. As a whole, the industry brings in more than $4.1 billion in annual sales. That’s why it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are looking to tap into that demand by launching a cleaning business of their own. But because standing out in the booming industry is no easy feat, prospective owners are turning to the leading residential cleaning franchise for support: Maid Right.

Launched by parent company Premium Franchise Brands—which also runs the rapidly growing commercial cleaning franchise JAN-PRO—Maid Right has created a one of a kind business opportunity within the residential cleaning industry. And it’s clear that the brand’s unique model has caught on among business owners and consumers alike. Right now, Maid Right boasts 36 Master Franchisees and 150+ unit franchisees across the country. That means that the brand is currently serving 3,000 customers, with system-wide revenue topping $12 million. And according to Eddie Curry, the president and CEO of Premium Franchise Brands, all of those numbers are expected to jump in 2017.

“Maid Right is filled with limitless potential. There’s a demand for residential cleaning services in both big and small markets across the country, and we’re planning to capitalize on that need in the coming months,” said Curry. “Now that we’ve established a strong network of Master and unit franchisees in communities across the country, our goal is to break into those larger markets where we don’t currently have an established presence.”

To make those development goals a reality, Maid Right is launching a strategic growth campaign across the country. The brand is aiming to open 10 new Master Franchise locations in 2017 in addition to the Austin, Texas market that it already sold at the beginning of the year. Other target markets that it’s specifically aiming to expand in include Kansas City, Kansas; St. Louis, Missouri; Orlando and Tampa, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Maid Right is leveraging its strong network and business model in order to award those territories. The brand’s franchise opportunity is incredibly attractive to entrepreneurs because of its affordable investment opportunity—unit franchisees can launch a home-based Maid Right business for as little as $1,600. They can also grow alongside the brand as a Master Franchisee with an initial investment that ranges from $208,000 to $600,000.

That two-tiered system is another reason that the brand’s franchise opportunity stands out as the one to beat in the residential cleaning industry—Maid Right is the only proven franchise concept expanding through both Master and unit franchise owners. While Master Franchisees serve as an expert owner who are focused on developing a specific area, unit franchisees operate their own independent Maid Right business and build relationships with their clients as they go into their homes and clean them.

According to Scott Thompson, vice president of development for Premium Franchise Brands, that personal investment is what ensures Maid Right’s success as it breaks into new markets.

“Historically, the residential cleaning industry has had high turnover. But our Master Franchise model completely eliminates that issue. By working with unit franchisees who are vested in the success of their clients versus employees who are just there for a paycheck, we’ve built a team of passionate master franchisees who are invested in seeing their unit franchisees succeed in the long run. That’s why Maid Right has staying power—our entire network shares the same commitment and drive to our brand’s continued success,” Thompson said.

Opportunity for Continued and Consistent Growth Helps Master Franchisee Ramp Up Development Efforts at a Rapid Pace 

Chad McKay is one of the many Master Franchisees experiencing that system-wide success on the local level. After working in the oil and gas industry for nearly two decades, he decided that he wanted to go into business for himself. So, he started exploring potential franchising opportunities across a variety of industries. While McKay wasn’t 100 percent sure what exactly he was looking for in a business, he knew that he wanted to be a part of a system with strong growth potential. That’s why Maid Right stood out as his top choice.

“As soon as I started talking to the Maid Right team, it was clear to me that they knew what they were doing. Between its sister company JAN-PRO and the Master Franchise model, I was confident that joining Maid Right’s system was the right option for me,” said McKay. “I bought a large territory that covers areas in Texas from Montgomery County and North Houston to Spring and Kingwood in order to give myself room to grow down the line. And so far, I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”

Since launching his business in June of 2015, McKay has added six unit franchisees to his system, with another one expected to sign an agreement within the next few weeks. And that impressive ramp up time is what’s continuing to put McKay in a position to expand his reach as an entrepreneur and local business owner.

“Over the course of the next year, my goal is to double the number of franchisees working with me, which will in turn boost all of our bottom lines. There’s no doubt that I’m in this business for the long haul—there’s still so much room to grow in my region,” McKay said. “I’m confident that we’ll be able to continue growing because of the quality that Maid Right brings to the table when it comes to residential cleaning. Our professional services, advanced equipment and accurate estimates are all superior when you compare them to other brands out there.”

Ability to Help Others Launch Their Own Businesses Inspires Veteran Franchise Owner to Join Maid Right’s Growing System

Another Master Franchisee that’s rapidly growing alongside the Maid Right brand and its unique positioning in the residential cleaning industry is Randy Spivey. Spivey was no stranger to the franchising industry before he teamed up with the brand—before launching his career in corporate America, he owned and operated a different franchise business while his daughters were growing up. But he sold that business because he was moving out of state. However, he knew that he liked the supportive business model.

That’s why Spivey decided to revisit the idea of owning a franchise again in Sugar Land, Texas. But this time, he set out with a specific set of criteria in mind when it came to finding the right brand.

“There were three key things that we were looking for when deciding which brand to invest in. First, we needed to be able to have recurring income. Second, we didn’t want to have to hire a whole team of employees just to get the business off the ground. Third, we wanted to be a part of a brand that was catering to a real demand that the average consumer has. Maid Right checked off all three of those boxes,” Spivey said.

Today, less than two years after Spivey became a Maid Right Master Franchisee, he has a network of eight unit franchisees that are working alongside him as he develops the brand across the Sugar Land area. And as he continues to add more local unit franchises to that network, Spivey is planning to expand to new communities in Texas.

That ability to continue growing with Maid Right is consistent across the brand’s entire system. By launching its strategic development campaign, the brand is opening the door for other entrepreneurs to experience the same type of success that McKay, Spivey and others are seeing on a daily basis. But Maid Right’s Master Franchise opportunity extends far beyond one owner’s individual business—the brand is designed to help others along the way.

“The biggest benefit that comes with being a Maid Right Master Franchisee is also intangible. It’s hard to explain how rewarding it is to help other entrepreneurs launch their own business—we work with unit franchisees who would otherwise never have the opportunity to create something this successful for themselves. That’s what ultimately makes Maid Right stand out,” said Spivey. “No matter where you live, there is going to be demand for both residential cleaning services and entrepreneurs looking to break out on their own. By joining Maid Right’s team and becoming a Master Franchisee, you have the opportunity to tap into that strong growth potential while making a real difference in people’s lives. That combination creates a sense of joy as a business owner that can’t be found anywhere else.”