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Maid Right’s Unique Business Model Allows Entrepreneur to Successfully Grow Business
Eduardo Sanchez sees tremendous success in just three months since opening Maid Right unit in the Austin market.

When Eduardo Sanchez started looking at his next business opportunity, he knew he wanted the flexibility and growth potential of small business ownership. However, with a family to provide for, Sanchez was not able to devote his time to only one business. Instead he began working with Maid Right alongside running and managing an existing restaurant in Austin.

Long days of hard work focused on building a strong client base with his Maid Right unit allowed Sanchez to grow a successful business under Master Franchisee Keith Armour. With incredible support behind him and a proven system to follow, Sanchez became a go-to within the community. It wasn’t long before he noticed that his sale numbers were beginning to soar. Soon, the other job was no longer a necessity.

“More and more clients were requesting our services and the growth we were seeing was amazing,” said Sanchez. “I was able to drop my first job and focus solely on Maid Right.”

It was not only clients that were noticing the hard work and determination put forth by Sanchez. Just three months since his unit opened, Sanchez began getting recognized by those much higher up in the system.

“One of the things that has always impressed me with Eduardo is that he had three jobs at one point to support his family, and he set a goal to get to a point where he could support his family solely with Maid Right,” said Maid Right Vice President Danessa Itaya. “When I look at what he’s done with Keith here in Austin, where he has reached his goal and is able to support his family with the success he has seen at Maid Right, it’s incredibly motivating.”

“I couldn’t be happier to have a business partner like Eduardo along-side me,” said Armour. “To see him come in and grow his business one customer at a time and now have a couple of employees working for him – we really couldn’t be happier to have him on our team.”

With two teams made up of his wife, brother-in-law and close family friend, the family-centric business became a highly desired residential cleaning service throughout Austin. Much of this can be attributed to Austin’s healthy economic climate and need for cleaning services.

“Austin is growing. It seems there are new homes being built everywhere around the market and the demand is definitely picking up,” said Sanchez. “I want to get to a point where I am no longer cleaning houses, but instead supervising, hiring, and helping the business as it grows. It’s been awesome and I’ve been given nothing but great help and support.”