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Maid Right Is Positioned for Rapid Growth in Raleigh, North Carolina as Demand for Top Tier Residential Cleaning Services Continues to Climb
After identifying the market as a key area for growth in 2017 and beyond, the expanding franchise concept is actively looking for Master Franchisees to develop the brand across Raleigh.

Demand in the residential cleaning industry is at an all-time high. With more than $4.1 billion in annual sales, it’s clear that there’s room for aspiring entrepreneurs to capitalize on the segment’s increasing popularity to make it their own in their local community. That’s why Maid Right, the nation’s leading residential cleaning franchise, is actively looking to expand in key target markets like Raleigh, North Carolina.

Maid Right offers its local owners a one of a kind opportunity to tap into the climbing demand that’s evident across the entire residential cleaning industry. For starters, the brand’s two-tiered business model is completely unique. It’s made up of both Master and Unit Franchisees—Unit Franchisees have the opportunity to launch a home-based franchise starting at $1,600, where they create relationships with customers in their local communities by being the person who is directly responsible for cleaning homes and keeping up with clients. Master Franchisees, on the other hand, grow alongside the Maid Right brand by acting as area developers who are responsible for establishing and maintaining a strong presence in their territories by supporting Unit Franchisees and account management. The startup costs associated with becoming a Master Franchisee are also incredibly affordable, ranging from $208,000 to $600,000.

“The residential cleaning industry has never been more popular among business owners or consumers, and Maid Right’s model really stands out from the crowd. Our two-tiered system and proven concept ensure that our local owners have all the tools and resources that they need to succeed directly at their disposal,” said Scott Thompson, vice president of development for Maid Right’s parent company Premium Franchise Brands. “Between our IT systems, national vendor relationships, marketing materials and state of the art equipment, there isn’t another brand out there that can match Maid Right.”

In addition to gaining access to Maid Right’s top tier resources, Master and Unit Franchisees who sign on to develop the brand gain access to a system that’s been proven to be successful and a support system of corporate team members and other franchisees that extends across the country. And that system is expected to continue growing—there are more than 250 territories that are still available for Master Franchisees to develop. And to jump start that growth in Raleigh, the brand is actively looking for passionate and driven entrepreneurs to become a part of the Maid Right team.

“Not only are we offering Master Franchisees in the Raleigh area the opportunity to get in on the ground level of one of the franchising industry’s fastest growing segments, we’re also providing them with the backing of an established brand that’s known and respected in communities across the South,” said Danessa Itaya, vice president of Maid Right. “We’re confident that Raleigh is going to be a hotbed of growth for the Maid Right brand in 2017 and beyond. More and more families and young professionals are making the area their home, which means that the need for our services will continue to increase.”

It’s evident that Maid Right is making the most of that demand, as it’s model is catching on in communities across the country among both business owners and consumers. Right now, the brand’s team is made up of 36 Master Franchisees and 150 unit franchisees that serve around 3,000 customers, with annual system-wide revenue topping 10 million. And as more Master Franchisees sign on to develop and own the Maid Right brand in key markets like Raleigh, those numbers are only expected to climb.

“There’s no doubt that it’s an exciting time to be a part of the Maid Right brand. We’re building on unprecedented momentum, and our growth potential in areas like Raleigh is seemingly limitless,” said Thompson. “By helping new Master and Unit Franchisees get their businesses off the ground and providing them with consistent and ongoing support, we’re setting ourselves up for success—on both the national and local levels—in the months and years to come.”

The Ability to Give Back to Members of His Local Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina Communities Inspires Jim Branyon to Grow Alongside Maid Right

When Jim Branyon first heard of Maid Right’s business ownership opportunity, it was through his role as a broker for a franchise consulting company. Starting in 2014, he had recommended the brand to dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs who were looking to utilize their executive and professional experience to take on something new. So Branyon decided to look into the franchise ownership opportunity for himself.

“While working as a broker, I saw that Maid Right allowed these executives to make a difference in people’s lives—you can teach unit franchisees the skills needed to be successful for themselves,” said Branyon. “It’s about helping people reach their goals. It was an opportunity I had never seen before.”

Inspired by the chance to work for a brand as a Master Franchisee while still being able to help other aspiring entrepreneurs become successful business owners, Branyon decided to leave his role as a consultant behind and break into the franchising industry first-hand. And since signing on to develop the Greensboro and Winston-Salem territories in North Carolina, he hasn’t looked back.

“Maid Right was the only business that I was willing to leave the franchise coaching business for,” said Branyon. “How big you want to grow your Maid Right business is only limited to your imagination and your work ethic. If you’re looking to add back to the community and make a difference, this is a great business model.”

How Maid Right’s Unique Business Model is Setting a First-Time Franchisee Up for Long-Term Success in Nashville, Tennessee

For Larry Hubbard, becoming a franchisee had never been something he seriously considered. He worked for years in the waste management industry, where he worked with customers on residential, commercial and industrial accounts. However, when the company sold of the divison he worked in, Larry  realized that he had to make a tough decision. He could either remain in an industry that required him to relocate regularly, or choose to go into something for himself.

Hubbard knew that if he decided to do the latter, he would want to be in a position where he could help people. So, when he came across Maid Right’s Master Franchisee model and learned more about how he could help local owners launch their own businesses, he decided to invest.

“Maid Right’s executive business opportunity stood out to me right away. We’re not selling something in a box that Unit Franchisees then have to assemble themselves—when a new owner enters our system, we’re right there with them to provide guidance and support every step of the way,” said Hubbard. “I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a part of the Maid Right team here in Nashville. Our phone has been ringing off the hook, and I’m confident that our success will be sustainable in the future.”

Since opening his Maid Right location in May of 2014, Hubbard has brought seven unit franchisees on board. With the goal of adding at least one unit franchisee every month, Hubbard is planning to saturate the Nashville market.

“In addition to having a strong reputation as a residential cleaning brand to beat, Maid Right makes it easy to succeed. Whether you’re a Master Franchisee or local unit owner, there’s a strong support system that you can tap into whenever you need a helping hand,” Hubbard said. “Our owner-operator model really resonates with consumers—they appreciate the ongoing relationship that they have with the people who clean their homes. By leveraging that proven system and continuing to grow across your territory, there’s no limit to what Maid Right Master Franchisees can accomplish.”