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Franchise Information

The Maid Right difference - exclusive total area disinfectant and owner operated
About Maid Right

Maid Right® Franchising LLC, a subsidiary of Premium Franchise Brands LLC, delivers superior cleaning services for homes. Founded in April 2013, Maid Right has established franchise locations across the United States and Canada. Maid Right’s owner-operator business model and branded processes ensures its residential clients get a long-term service commitment from established cleaning crews as well as access to professional-strength cleaning products and new technologies in their homes. For more information about franchising opportunities please visit:

Maid Right's home based business allows owner-operators to establish trust, reliability and service for long-term relationships with clients. 
Why Maid Right

Maid Right, which incorporates the best practices of sister company JAN-PRO, the leading franchise in the commercial-cleaning industry, has grown rapidly since its inception in April 2013. Adopted from JAN-PRO’s successful model, local owners focus on serving clients and strengthening client relationships, while Master Franchisees provide clients, marketing support, training and development.

Hear From Some of Our Franchisees

Build your wealth with a Maid Right Master Franchise investment from $218,000 – $396,000.

Customer Guarantee
Maid Right has the strongest customer guarantee in the residential-cleaning segment 
How Much Can You Make?

As with every franchise opportunity, success is a combination of the industry demand, the franchise system/model, and each individual owner’s efforts and work ethic.  Maid Right is selective in its franchisee awarding process so that they can ensure they are partnering with individuals that share their values, their mission, and their willingness to do what it takes to be successful.  With those criteria in place, they’ve been able to achieve high levels of success.  To see those numbers and learn more, click here

Why I Bought

When Margarita Linares first moved to the United States from Colombia, she started chasing her American Dream: owning her own business. But creating her own company from the ground up—without the support and backing of an established brand—wasn’t bringing in the type of revenue she needed to survive. So she started looking into franchising opportunities.

Linares knew she wanted to develop some type of cleaning business—demand for the industry’s best services is climbing across the country. That’s when she discovered JAN-PRO, the nation’s leading commercial cleaning franchise. She inked a deal to own her own unit, and got to work building her empire.

Today, Linares is the largest unit franchisee in JAN-PRO’s entire system. Her Miami-based business employs 71 people and consistently gets hired for major cleaning jobs in the area. But despite that success, Linares knew she still had room to grow. So she turned to Maid Right—JAN-PRO’s sister company and the leading residential cleaning franchise—to expand her reach.

“Maid Right has made my transition into the residential cleaning industry incredibly easy. They’re so supportive—they genuinely care about my business and do everything they can to help me succeed,” said Linares. “At the end of the day, working with them opened the door for me to tap into an entirely new customer base in my own backyard.”

Maid Right’s commitment to quality is an integral part of its ever-growing franchise system. All of the brand’s services are directly carried out by employees instead of hourly cleaning crews, ensuring that every job is tailored to the clients’ specific needs.

In Miami, Linares plans to continue bringing these custom cleaning services to homes across the region.

“I love being a part of the Maid Right team. Everyone is so invested in the brand’s success, from its corporate staff to its Master Franchisees,” said Linares. “It’s clear that Maid Right has the vision to grow, and I know I can keep growing with it.”

Executive Q&A

Q&A with Premium Franchise Brands VP of Franchise Development, Scott Thompson


What makes Maid Right unique?  

The two-tiered owner operated business model allows for the customer to have the same guaranteed cleaner in their home each time.  We offer the client a color-coded, micro-fiber cross contamination cleaning system that ensures the cleaner never uses the same rag in the bathroom as their kitchen counter top.   

What are the most important milestones over the last 5 years?  

We launched Maid Right in 2013, and today we have awarded over 45 Master Franchisees and 200+ unit franchisees.  Our system-wide sales have grown from $0-$12M in three short years. 

What plans does the brand have in the coming years?  

At Maid Right, we have tremendous plans to grow in Florida, Georgia, Kansas and Missouri.  We have over 200 Prime Tier 1 Master Territories to award over the next five years. 

What does an ideal Master Franchise candidate look like?  

An ideal client has a minimum net worth of $1M and $250k liquid. They must possess strong general business skills, have a desire to help people and serve others and want to build a very large business overtime to have a legacy for their family.

Why is Maid Right a good investment?  

Maid Right is a strong investment because when you become a franchisor, you have multiple revenues streams, unlimited growth potential, incredible cash-flow, low fixed costs and the ability to build a very scalable business using our proprietary technology, MaidView. That technology is very similar to how Uber works with the independent unit franchisees.    

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